Winter 2019 Newsletter

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1. From the President

2. A polio survivor? Use those muscles too much and you just MIGHT lose it!

3. Smart people and their thoughts on exercise.

4. The 10 commandments for PPS

5. Where did that virus go in your body?

6. Wonderful people in polio

7. A Polio Survivor Story: Lynda Shaw

8. Subscription renewal form

9. Our Annual General Meeting.

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Exercising common sense when it comes to muscle weakness


I read that you don't recommend exercise for polio survivors who are getting weaker. But if I stop exercising and do nothing, won't I lose muscle tone, get flabby and become deconditioned and even weaker?


You're asking a good question. It's vital that polio survivors understand what the research really says about exercise for newly-weakened muscles and know the definitions of "muscle tone" and "deconditioned."

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