Summer 2018 Newsletter

Inside this edition:

  • From the President

  • Volunteers wanted

  • 3 children paralysed by a Polio-like illness in Montreal

  • Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea

  • The importance of friends with similar disabilities

  • A Polio survivor story

  • Walk With Me and Health

  • Retreat photos

  • Notice board

  • Polio humour

  • Members services

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Autumn Newsletter 2018

Inside this edition:

  • Remembering Australia’s polio scourge

  • Polio virus discovered at Melbourne sewerage plant (By Aisha Daw - The Age)

  • Life skills for polios—a light-hearted hand book

  • Walk with me 2017 photos

  • Polio humour

  • Polio health and wellness retreat (Expression of interest)

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Spring Newsletter 2017

Inside this edition:

  • The Sarcopenia Project:research into reducing the loss of muscle mass and strength due to ageing

  • How to exercise if you are living with post polio syndrome

  • Health and Wellness Retreat 2017: look after your body, mind and spirit

  • Polio then and now: the story of a crippling disease on the verge of worldwide eradication

  • Humour

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