Winter 2019 Newsletter

In this edition

1. From the President

2. A polio survivor? Use those muscles too much and you just MIGHT lose it!

3. Smart people and their thoughts on exercise.

4. The 10 commandments for PPS

5. Where did that virus go in your body?

6. Wonderful people in polio

7. A Polio Survivor Story: Lynda Shaw

8. Subscription renewal form

9. Our Annual General Meeting.

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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Inside this edition:

  • From the President

  • Volunteers wanted

  • 3 children paralysed by a Polio-like illness in Montreal

  • Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea

  • The importance of friends with similar disabilities

  • A Polio survivor story

  • Walk With Me and Health

  • Retreat photos

  • Notice board

  • Polio humour

  • Members services

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Autumn Newsletter 2018

Inside this edition:

  • Remembering Australia’s polio scourge

  • Polio virus discovered at Melbourne sewerage plant (By Aisha Daw - The Age)

  • Life skills for polios—a light-hearted hand book

  • Walk with me 2017 photos

  • Polio humour

  • Polio health and wellness retreat (Expression of interest)

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Spring Newsletter 2017

Inside this edition:

  • The Sarcopenia Project:research into reducing the loss of muscle mass and strength due to ageing

  • How to exercise if you are living with post polio syndrome

  • Health and Wellness Retreat 2017: look after your body, mind and spirit

  • Polio then and now: the story of a crippling disease on the verge of worldwide eradication

  • Humour

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