About Polio SA


How did we start?

It all started in February 1991, a lady called Mrs Anesbury placed an advert in the Adelaide Advertiser, inviting all interested people who had had polio to a meeting she had arranged in the Adelaide Town Hall.

Why did we start?

The idea was to form a post polio support group, and to find ways to both help each other and what the medical profession could do to assist those suffering.

What do we do?

We attempt to provide services, both with the money we raise and with our government grant. We do anything that we can to assist a person suffering from Post Polio Syndrome.

Meet the hardworking Polio SA committee!

We always need new input to help create value for our members, if you are interested in joining the committee call 0466 893 402 or email us.

  • Brett Howard - President

  • Peter Wierenga - Treasurer

  • Trevor Jessop - Secretary

  • Ron Blackwell

  • Maureen Kowalick

  • Charles Greeneklee

  • Julia Greeneklee

  • Jo Gordon