Helen is here to help

I am very pleased to be able to introduce you all to Helen Leach.

Helen is employed to perform 15 hours of work per week for Polio SA. Helen has been employed to improve services to Members of Polio SA.

Brett Howard | President


A bit about Helen

I run a small garden maintenance business part time with my husband. I previously worked with National Disability Insurance Agency in the role of business support officer/Planner, and before this a not-for-profit charity that supported children going through cancer treatment. I was also a volunteer with them as well. I have two children — well adults now: Tom a Jazz Musician, and Leanne a small business owner. I am really looking forward to meeting you all sometime and helping in any way I can to support and make a positive impact in helping members and in the community.


That lovely welcoming bouquet (above) I received from one of our Committee members, Jo Gordon — it was so very much appreciated.

Helen Leach

Community & Membership Officer