Autumn 2019 Newsletter

From the President

10 wonderful years

In this our first newsletter for 2019 I would like to wish all the Members of Polio SA a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and hope to meet some of you that I have missed over the past 10 years. Yes, I have been on the Committee of Polio SA for 10 years, the past nine as President.

Rural information sessions

Polio Survivors in our rural areas will be privileged to have Polio Austral-ia’s Community Officer, Stephanie Cantrill present an Information Ses-sion. These sessions will be on Saturday 23rd February at the Nara-coorte at Naracoorte Public Library, and Sunday 24th February in Mount Gambier at the North Gambier Football and Netball Club. There are more of these sessions planned, mid-April in Berri and mid-June in the Iron Triangle. For more information about these Sessions visit, or phone me on 0403 339 814.

Free hydrotherapy — please participate

Last Thursday Polio SA conducted the first Hydrotherapy Session in the Pool at the Repatriation Hospital. Only three Members were able to at-tend which was a little disappointing after the planning and commitment to make this activity available to Members in the Southern area. It is NOT too late to participate, if you would like to attend PLEASE e-mail me at so I can send forms to you that need to be filled out and sent to Unley Physio. At the present the session is on Thursdays at 1:00pm, in the Repat Pool. If you do not have internet/printing facilities, PLEASE send a note to the Office 302 South Road Hilton 5033 and I will send the forms to you.

Future proofing Polio SA

On Tuesday 19th February the Committee of Polio SA will be having a meeting with Maryann Liethof from Polio Australia with the intention of planning the “future proofing” of Polio SA. There will be a report on this in future newsletters.

Brett Howard, President Polio SA | 0403 339 814