My Polio Story - Kim Doung

I was born in Cambodia in 1984, and contracted polio when I was less than one. Throughout my childhood, my parents took me to various doctors, based on recommendations, so I’ve had many different treatments

When I was nine years my family and I emigrated to Australia. When we settled in Adelaide, the doctors at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital began to treat the effects of my polio straight away.

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My Polio Story - Lynda Shaw

I was born in Ghana, West Africa in 1955, where at just one year old I contracted poliomyelitis. While I can recall some childhood memories of leg stretches and massages, my main recollection of treatment for my polio was an operation I had on my leg aimed at lengthening my Achilles tendon and straightening my foot.

In 1980, I migrated to Australia settling in Adelaide, soon after arriving, I was fortunate to have a second operation on my leg, as the first one I underwent as a child in Ghana had been done prematurely – before I had finished growing.

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Late Effects of Polio Information Session

There will be a free information session on the 6th October at Glenunga Hub.
This time specialists will be discussing:

  • How is medical management necessary?

  • What should I expect from an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist?

  • How much exercise or activity is safe?

  • What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

  • How does My Aged Care work for me?

Spaces are limited so please ensure you book.

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