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Do you know the signs of the Late Effects of Polio or Post-Polio Syndrome?

Polio Virus

Decades after the poliomyelitis epidemics in Australia, the aftermath of the disease is now becoming evident in our ageing ‘polio population’.

An estimated 400,000 people may be experiencing the Late Effects of Polio (LEoP) or Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS). A younger population who have migrated to Australia also require management and support.

There are many cross-overs in the treatment and management of other chronic diseases and LEoP/PPS, and there are also some very significant differences.  If LEoP is not identified, the client can experience rapidly worsening symptoms due to inadvertently incorrect care.

To help you recognise LEoP/PPS in your practice Polio Australia had developed a series of clinical practice resources designed to support allied health professionals in the management of people with the LEoP/PPS. The series outlines various symptoms associated with LEoP/PPS and provides health professionals with evidence-based information and clinical practice recommendations to enhance the quality of care and outcomes for people living with polio’s late effects.

Download the Late Effects of Polio Brochure.

Visit Polio Australia for detailed clinical manuals including an Introduction to Clinical Practice, and Managing Muscles and Mobility.

Download Polio Australia’s The Late Effects of Polio: Do you know the signs?

Resources for patients

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