Volunteers needed

Do you know someone who fits the description below? Or is it you?

Do you like talking to other Polio survivors?

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Maureen who currently sends out vouchers is retiring and we need a new volunteer(s) to help. They will be our friendly voice on the end of the phone to make sure members get their vouchers.

Are you into computers?


You may have noticed we’ve just upgraded our website. The new website allows us to update the information ourselves. Whether you’re a computer whizz or a novice you can help us to update the website, send out digital newsletters etc. The experts that designed the website will provide full training and be on the end of the phone to answer questions so no prior knowledge is required. This is a great opportunity for young or old to learn a new skill.

There’s many more things you can do to help Polio survivors. To discuss the above or any other opportunities call 0466 893 402 or complete the form below to make this happen!

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