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Are you a polio survivor? Sharing your story can help others.  If you would like to share email us your story and images or post them to us at  302 South Hilton Rd, Hilton 5033.

Polio Australia Health and Wellness Retreat

The 2018 Health and Wellness Retreat conducted by Polio Australia will be held at the Stamford Grand Hotel at Glenelg, South Australia. It will be held on 11th– 14th October at the Grand Hotel, Glenelg.

Your Committee has decided to pay the entry fee for two of our members to attend the Retreat. The positions will be allocated to the interested members by lucky draw.

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How A House Sale Sign Helped Me Play Golf

I was stricken with infantile paralysis (polio) at the age of two and had my last tendon stretching operation at about eleven, after that I tried to forget about it and get on with my life.

About five years ago I started to collapse forward and realized that the time had arrived when I needed some support in walking. I first paid for a brace to be made for me but it was not successful, so decided to have a go at making one myself. This, of course was all new to me so it was a matter of starting from scratch.

My first attempt was made from an old metal “House Sale” sign. Continue reading…

Summary of Anaesthesia Issues For The Post-Polio Patient by Selma H. Calmes

Selma H. Calmes is MD, Chairman and Professor, (retired) Department of Anesthesiology, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, Sylmar, California.

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Polio results in widespread neural changes, not just destruction of the spinal cord anterior horn (motor nerve) cells, and these changes get worse as patients age. These anatomic changes affect many aspects of anesthesia care. No study of polio patients having anesthesia has been done. These recommendations are based on extensive review of the current literature and clinical experience with these patients. They may need to be adjusted for a particular patient. Continue reading…

Hundreds Of People Attend Late Effects of Polio Information Session

A wealth of information about the physiological and psychosocial experiences of polio survivors later in life, and available supports and strategies, was shared at a free, public information session on the afternoon of Saturday 12 May in Adelaide.

‘The Late Effects of Polio’, hosted by Polio Australia’s NSW Clinical Health Educator, exercise physiologist Paul Cavendish, was held at Tea Tree Gully Library and attended by more than 120 people.  As well as the expertise being shared during the presentations, many enjoyed the chance to meet with fellow members of the polio survivor community, and chat over a cup of tea. Continue reading…

Walk With Me Fundraiser October 2018

There are an estimated 400,000 polio survivors in Australia. Many are now experiencing the Late Effects of Polio (LEoP) and struggling to access appropriate health care and support. Polio Austrlaia’s “Walk With Me” event aims to raise awareness about the LEoP and fundraising efforts will allow us to continue to support polio survivors and provide education to health professionals. Continue reading…