The Late Effects of Polio FREE Information Session

You are invited to attend a free information session at 1:30pm on the 12th May at Tea Tree Gully Community Learning Centre hosted by Polio Australia.

Workshop Topics

  • Clinical Practice Workshops. Find out more on Polio Australia’s largest initiative to train health professionals on the late effects of polio.
  • How to get the most out of your health professional: what is the key information to provide to your health professional? Receive tips on how you can guide them to treat you more effectively.
  • Managing fatigue and activity: Identify the clinical signs of overdoing it and what you can do to manage this from being less of a burden during each day.
  • Q & A: have an opportunity to ask questions on the late effects of polio to a health professional.
  • Social time: at the end of the session, we will provide light refreshments to allow everyone an opportunity to catch up.

Polio: It’s not all over

Polio Australia’s Clinical Health Educator, Paul Cavendish, will present information on the latest research regarding managing the Late Effects of Polio.

Chronic Illness with a difference

We will discuss what makes the late effects of polio different from the ageing process and how to work with health professionals to ensure this is correctly managed. Self-management strategies known to work will also be presented to help polio survivors maintain function and independence and those close to them to understand.

An opportunity to discuss Post-Polio health

Time will be allocated within the information session for questions which may have not been addressed. There will also be an opportunity after the session to catch up over a coffee or tea to learn, or share some insights with fellow polio survivors.

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If you have any questions please email Paul Cavendish


Location & Time

Tea Tree Gully Community Learning Centre

571 Montague Road, Modbury, 5092

12th May 2018   1:30pm — 4:00pm

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